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September 18, 2021

Using Paid Traffic to Get More Fitness Clients

If you have a budget to throw at the problem nothing works quicker than paid traffic (Pay per Click) via Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Tit Tok, Pinterest etc.

Which one or combination of platforms depends on your location and target demographic.

There are several benefits of running a paid traffic advertising program to promote your gym or fitness business including

• You only pay when an interested person clicks
• You control how much you pay – you can cap your spending with a daily or monthly budget
• It’s highly targeted so you’re able to reach the right target market efficiently.Facebook for instance breaks down its Ads audiences based on demographics, location, interests, and behaviors.
• You can completely control the customer journey with targeted landing pages and complete funnels entailing a series of strategic emails to get potential clients ready to sign up.

The other great thing about paid traffic is once you know you have the right formula with your ads and audience you can scale up the spending to get results even quicker.

Click here for information on how we can help you with paid traffic for health and fitness.

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