Dollop Media

March 8, 2021

Why you need to be on top of both your web and social game?

Social media has become an integral part of daily life for most of us. Although your website and social media accounts are two separate entities for modern sports and lifestyle brands it is important that they work together for you to thrive online.

People are now using social media for much more than communicating with their friends. News, shopping, trends and inspiration are all now part of the social media mix.

For sport and lifestyle brands establishing a social media strategy is essential. Connecting with your audience over time builds trust and social media is the obvious way for you to grow your audience and then connect, entertain and add value to them.

Although social accounts and websites are two separate entities, they need to work with one another for a business to stay relevant online.

Creating harmony between your website and your social media will keep your target audience captivated, engaged, and intrigued. Consistency is vital and inconsistency and mix messaging will  confuse your audience and create doubt.

Dollop Media creates high performing websites and digital marketing strategy for sport, health and fitness
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